Read the Rules

1. My DPA Points Rewards Program is DISTRIBUTION PLEIN AIR INC. property which may at any time and without notice: (a) modify the components; (B) refuse to issue points to the customer who does not comply with the established registration procedures; (C) conduct an audit of points accumulated by a member and make a correction if necessary and (c) in the event of reasonable doubt, withdraw or cancel the points and rewards accrued to the member who abuses his privileges, which refuses to comply with terms and conditions governing the Program or who makes a false declaration.

2. DISTRIBUTION PLEIN AIR INC. reserves the right to terminate the program following a notice to its members 90 days.

3. The program is delivered exclusively on the Internet site

4. Only individuals can register for My DPA Points Rewards Program; Notably excluded are companies, joint ventures, partnerships, groups and associations.

5. Points and rewards of each member of the Program may not be transferred or cashed or sold. The points can be accumulated and rewards exchanged by the Program Member.

6. The Program member shall notify DISTRIBUTION PLEIN AIR INC. of any change or modification of personal information. DISTRIBUTION PLEIN AIR INC. reserves the right to cancel a customer profile for which the information is incomplete or inaccurate.


To earn points, members must make a purchase online by connecting to their profile.

DPA points will be issued to the holder of a client profile if it is identified at the time to pay for purchases. DISTRIBUTION PLEIN AIR INC. reserves the right at any time to add or exclude, in its discretion, articles eligible for the issuance of DPA points.

Points are calculated based on the net amount before taxes and transportation shown on your bill.

On the occasion of promotional offers, DISTRIBUTION PLEIN AIR INC. will offer bonus DPA points to purchase certain products.

Product returns
Product returns are managed using the DISTRIBUTION PLEIN AIR INC policy on return and exchange products. DISTRIBUTION PLEIN AIR INC. reserves the right to subtract points from member associated with the purchase of a product or any promotional offers associated therewith during a return of the same product by the member.

18 consecutive months expiration

If a client-profile DISTRIBUTION PLEIN AIR INC has not been used for a purchase transaction or reward for a period of 18 consecutive months all DPA points accumulated in his file will be automatically canceled.


DPA points can be converted into rewards at the moment chosen by the member.

When converting points in the reward program, the points account of the member will be deducted by the number of points required to obtain the applicable maximum reward. Unused points will be left in the account and can be used on a future purchase.

Members who have not accumulated the minimum number of points required to receive an award during a qualification period will see their points forward to the next qualification period.


Each $ 1.00 spent earns 1 DPA point.
Each DPA point be exchanged for $ 0.01.

*The exchangeable points are valid for a period of 18 months.


Collect points: You buy for $ 50, you get 50 points.
equivalent to a $0.50 as applicable on your next purchase. You can accumulate points and exchange them at any time. Points are valid for 18 months.


DISTRIBUTION PLEIN AIR INC will ensure the confidentiality and security of all personal information collected. We assure you that your personal information will never be transmitted to other entities outside

DISTRIBUTION PLEIN AIR INC. for marketing or solicitation purposes.

DISTRIBUTION PLEIN AIR INC may freely dispose of the data collected to the extent that no personal information is transmitted and the privacy and personal information collected safety are protected.

All necessary measures have been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein. DISTRIBUTION PLEIN AIR INC. disclaims all liability that may arise from an error or omission.

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