CAMOWRAPS – Ensemble de camouflage pour fusil(Realtree MAX5 HD)


Camowraps® Shotgun kit in Realtree® Camo is a unique and affordable way to personalize your firearm.
Made from our « No Glare », fade resistant material. Kit includes (6) pre-cut pieces that conform easily to the curves of your barrel,
receiver, forend, & stock. Your firearm will not only match your hunting environment,
but will be protected from the elements, giving you lasting peace of mind.

No Glare », Fade Resistant, Waterproof, Ultra-Matte Finish, High Tensile Strength
6 precut pieces for the barrel, receiver, forend & stocks
Fits most Auto and Pump Action Shotguns 12 Gauge and under
Allows for disassembly of your firearm for routine cleaning and maintenance

1 – 54” x 11” page with 6 – Pre-Cut Pieces and 2 – Realtree MAX5 HD

(2) Stock, (2) Receiver, (1) Forend & (1) Barrel (up to 32″)

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