Excalibur Micro Suppressor 400 TD

$1,499.99 $1,299.99

Excalibur Suppressor 400 TD

  • MSRP $1,499.99
  • Speed (Up To) 400 FPS 388 FPS with S.D.S.
  • Draw Weight 325 lbs
  • Draw Length 15″
  • Weight (Crossbow Only) 5.9 lbs
  • Overall Length 32″
  • Width (Cocked) 20.5″
  • Width (Un-Cocked) 25″
  • Takedown Carry Size 26.25″ x 9″
  • Product Code – Mossy Oak BUC E74170

Every Suppressor 400 TD package includes:

  • Tact-100 Illuminated Scope with 30mm Rings
  • PRO-SHOT ACP Trigger
  • Guardian Anti-Dry-Fire System
  • R.E.D.S. Suppressors
  • Sound Deadening System
  • Air Breaks
  • Ambidextrous Cheekpiece
  • 4 Arrow Quiver with Bracket
  • 4 PROFLIGHT 16.5″ Premium Arrows
  • 4 100gr Field Points
  • Charger EXT Crank with Fail-Safe Strap
  • Owners Manual
  • Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the Suppressor 400 TD takes our Micro platform to a whole new level with the addition of the all-new High-Output Express Limbs with Armor Tips, allowing this crossbow to reach never before seen Micro speeds of up to 400fps.
  • Complete with revolutionary Quick-Loc Technology, making it perfect for the hunters on the move, the Suppressor series has always been known for its ninja-like stealth and vibration resistance. The Suppressor 400 TD doesn’t disappoint thanks to the SDS Silencing System and Airbrakes, providing for an extremely quiet shot.
  • The included Charger EXT silent crank system keeps the Suppressor 400 TD light and nimble, yet deadly effective, and due to its aluminum riser, mainframe and trigger housing construction, you can rest assured that the Suppressor 400 TD will stand up to your hunt’s most extreme conditions.

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