FLEXTONE Appelant à dindon Funky Chicken GEN2


FLEXTONE Appelant à dindon Funky Chicken GEN2

Why don’t turkeys pick on someone their own size? Because when they choose a weaker target they always win… or so they think.

The Funky Chicken™ is the wimpiest, skinniest tom in the woods. We’ve upgraded the original Funky Chicken design with a new molding pattern for even greater realism and durability. The result: an irresistible punching bag. Throw in a sturdy mounting stake and incredible paint detail and, well, just wait ‘til you see what this little twerp can do. He may be small, but he brings big results.

Non-intimidating decoy
Sparks fights with all ages of gobblers
Small size travels easily in the field
High-quality carving and paint detail
Incredible durability and realism
Pre-attached synthetic beard
Collapsible design easily stores in vest

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