A retriever that sits steady and confidently retrieves birds is truly an incredible tool for the hunter. But, it’s still only a small part of what these amazing animals can accomplish. It’s time to start heading towards the development of the finished retriever. All dogs can learn to handle… that’s right, young or old, 100% of retrievers that have a desire to retrieve can become good handling hunting partners.

Train your dog to handle with one of the greatest retriever trainers of our generation, Chris Akin. Chris has arguably trained more hunting retrievers than any single person alive. He’s the first handler to ever win two SRS Crown Championships, and his amazing run of AKC Master Hunters and HRC Grand Champions may never be equaled.

Within Duck Dog Basics 2, Chris takes you through proper E-Collar usage while teaching the drills and aspects of basic handling, water honesty and how to positively take your retriever through to the next level. Now, the ground work has been completed… grab your whistle, a bag of bumpers and let’s get to work.

Approx. 3 hours

Bonus 29 Points!