WHITE ROCK – appelant bernache du Canada 1dz


Canada Goose Decoys – NEW

You asked for them, you got them! New White Rock Fully Flocked Headed Canada Goose decoys are available now.

These are the most realistic Canada goose windsock decoy ever developed. We worked hard to get the size, shape, color and design spot on so you can absolutely finish the big birds feet down!

Whether you're building yourself a mobile Canada goose spread or boosting the numbers of your current spread to compete with live birds or big guide sets, THIS is how you do it.

Our Canada Goose pack comes with 6 feeder and 6 upright heads. The feeders have a side to side feeding motion and the upright heads can be mounted facing any direction. This gets you away from the front facing stiff toy-soldier look of other windsock decoys. Tuf-Snap Collapsible Support Systems and 24″ fiberglass ground stakes come standard. 1dz

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