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Windsock Decoy Storage Bag

Designed after years of trail and error with other storage methods, we've created the highest quality windsock decoy storage bag on the market. The bag is made of a tarp like woven material that stands open on its own for easy loading and unloading of decoys….while still allowing the bag to fold flat for storage. Two heavy duty handles on the side and a top handle with Velcro allows for team lift or solo carry options. Adjustable lid buckles and straps can be cinched down for bags that aren't quite full. The decoy bag also comes with 3 large grommeted holes in the bottom to drain excess water.

Our windsock decoy storage bag is one of the biggest you'll find, measuring 40″x20″x20″, and easily holds 125 headed decoys or an astonishing 300+ standard White Rock Decoys….while still coming in at a weight any snow goose hunter can carry! A quality decoy bag built for serious waterfowl hunters.

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