LUCKY DUCK – Bernache motorisée avec contrôle à distance


Lucky Flapper Canada Goose – New for Fall 2014 Flapping Wing Decoy with Remote. This Life size Canada Goose Decoy has a Flocked Head, Durable flapping magnetic EVA wings for easy setup. Comes with Remote

With this remote controlled flapper decoy, you won’t have to wear out your arms using a goose flag anymore. The Lucky Flapper Canada Goose is a motorized decoy that will bring some realism to your spread this season. Lucky Flapper has a flocked head and durable magnetic EVA wings that make setup easy. The wing-flapping motion simulates a landing goose or a goose stretching its wings, and eliminates the need for flagging. By having the Lucky Flapper Canada Goose in your spread, the focus of incoming birds shifts from a hunter using a goose flag, to your decoy spread. Complete with remote control, 12-volt battery, charger, and metal tripod base. Runs continuous or on intermittent mode -3 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Decoy head is 36” off the ground and has a wing span of 43”.

Magnetic wings made of tough EVA foam
Runs continuous or on intermittent mode
Rheostat adjusts wing speed
Flocked head for added realism
Head is approximately 36″ off the ground
Wing span is 43″
Remote range of up to 100 yards
Decoy will run continuously for 9 hours
HD remote control
Metal tripod base
12 volt battery and smart charger


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