Flag Bracket for Sillosocks Flyers


Flagging Bracket for Sillosocks Flyers

This ingenious device mounts to your telescopic flag poles with the same 1/4″ nosepiece design that the Sillosocks Flyers have. It allows the Sillosocks flyer to pivot as the flagging pole is raised or lowered. The flyer stays level no matter what the angle of the pole. It comes with a thumbscrew to lock it down.

Uses include:

(1) Attach to a Telescopic flagging pole.

(2) Attach to a 1/4″ Stationary Fiberglass or steel Rod with a Sillosocks Flyer. This works particularly good with tall poles(8 foot+) that flex a lot in the wind. As the wind gusts……the flyer bounces up and down!

(3) Add to the Double Down Stake System to keep the flyers level.


Bonus 10 Points!
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