This compact Telescopic Flagging Pole by Sillosock Decoys starts out at 3 feet. It extends to 12 feet! It is lightweight and easy to use.

Use with Sillosock Snow Flyers, Canada Flyers, Speck Flyers, Mallard Flyers, Bartz Flags, or the new « Just Wings ».

It can be used on a Rotary Machine or on a Bouncer Machine as the end of it has a molded square fitting.

It also works great with the new « Just Wings » Spinner Flyers. Made in Snow goose or Mallards.

Flag bracket not included you need the Sillosock Flag Bracket to keeps Sillosock Flyers level no matter what the angle of the pole(not included)

We have been using this pole with great success to « Land » flyers in the spread. Geese can’t resist the temptation to come check it out!

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