SILLOSOCK WingBeat Snow Goose Power Flappers


WingBeat Snow Goose Power Flappers (SS1753) by Sillosock Decoys

New design for this year includes a remote with an intermittent mode, a momentary flag mode, and an on/off button! AND…Multiple WingBeats can be run off of one remote! This new Improved version also features a quieter motor.

These NEW Wing Beat Snow Goose Power Flappers by Sillosock Decoys are game changers! Imagine flapping wings scattered all over your rig on no wind/light wind days. Then imagine them going on and off intermittently! The birds have never seen this before. We have had great success placing them 50-75 yards upwind of the blinds to draw the birds over the shooting line. This diverts attention away from the shooters….and is a deadly technique!
The WingBeat Power Flappers come with a 3 stage switch: on, off or intermittent. Wingbeats are a great way to add realistic movement to any decoy spread.

Lightweight, portable, and cost effective. They come with a 15 foot wire to connect to any 12 volt battery. In the « on » position the decoy will flap continuously. In the intermittent mode, the decoy will flap for 5 seconds then off for 20 seconds…… until it is turned off or the mode is changed to full flapping mode. Easily run 6-12 Power Flappers off of one deep cycle 12 volt battery.

Wingbeat Power Flappers work with wind….or no wind!

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