AVERY – FFD LESSER CANADAS Harvester 12 Pack avec sac 12 slot


3 left feeder heads, 3 right feeder heads, 2 true feeder heads, 1 sentry head, 1 rester head, 1 walker head, and 1 stubby head. • 12 RealMotion Stakes 17.5″ •12-slot bag

These decoys were carved to be an exact replica of the lesser Canada geese. They are sized and positioned to be the most realistic lesser on the market.

3 perfect body styles and 10 different head positions

• The most realistic feather detail ever created
• FFD™ with flocked bodies
• Dulled down paint schemes to eliminate “shine flaring”
• Fixed head connections that are flocked
• Actives/feeders/sleepers/preeners feature RealMotion II® System with stakes
• Harvester pack available, 8 feeders and 4 actives
•inclus un sac 12 slots

Bonus 500 Points!