ChicMagnet (Perennial)

Want an attractive, drought-resistant, perennial forage with incredible drawing power?
Try Imperial Whitetail “Chic” Magnet, featuring WINA-100 Forage Chicory, which is more tender and less waxy than traditional chicories – and deer are extremely attracted to it. “Chic” Magnet can be planted alone, mixed with other seeds, or over-seeded into existing forages to provide gains in variety, attractiveness and drought-resistance.
WINA-100 perennial forage chicory – vastly more tender and palatable to deer than traditional, more waxy textured chicories
Provides up to 44% antler-building protein
Our most drought tolerant product
EXTREMELY cold tolerant
Heat, drought and disease resistant
Coated with RainBondTM for enhanced seedling survivability
Lasts up to 3 years from a single planting
Recommended for planting in heavier soils that hold moisture or moderately-drained soils, “Chic” Magnet can withstand even extreme summer conditions.

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